Siuslaw Broadband Email Configuration Details

Siuslaw Broadband uses a number of mechanisms to allow email clients to automatically configure themselves (called autodiscovery) to avoid having to manually enter details for your mail client, whether on your computer or your phone. Should autodiscovery not function as intended, all of the details needed to manually configure a mail client are listed below.

Below are the settings and ports needed to configure a variety of email clients. Note that Siuslaw Broadband does not support unsecured connections to send and receive mail. All servers require authentication to send or receive and all connections to the server are encrypted with either SSL or TLS. Your email address is your username.

Incoming Server Settings
Connection Type  Hostname  Port
POP3 - TLS  110
POP3 - SSL  995
IMAP - TLS  143
IMAP - SSL  993

Outgoing Server Settings
Connection Type  Hostname  Port
SMTP - TLS (Preferred)  587
SMTP - SSL (Deprecated)  465
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